Make money talking about your passions and experiences.

Flowjin app helps you gather a niche audience and makes you money recording premium audio contents about what matters to you.

Our philosophy

We believe there are lots of untold stories or experiences out there that people need to hear. Stories from how they can use the rise of remote-work to build their startup idea, to stories of how to stop feeling that exercise is just for athletes.

These stories are told by people who have lived them. They may not necessarily be perfect at it, but it is what they have experienced.

However, the problem is, current social media tools are not suitable for sharing such content. Creators can not go deep into the subject because their followers get bored eventually. So why not gather those interested in a small closed community and share deep thoughts?

The other problem with social media is creators do not earn money directly from their effort. They are obliged to play along with the advertisement games social media platforms are running. So why not making money directly out of your content?

We believe paid communities are the best way to keep the content quality high, let everyone be heard whenever a question is risen, and supplement the content by the answer given to the member’s question.

Talk about your life, Make money

Are you a full-time working mom in your journey to have a healthy lifestyle? Or a digital nomad who is experiencing how to live a different life? start a flow and make money while you create content on-the-go.

Engage with your true fans, Share your life lessons

You can share your day-to-day experience while living them. Whether you are experienced in something or have recently been experiencing it, you can share your daily challenges and lessons with a group of audience and make money.

Make money from day one, no more waiting to entertain fans

Unlike Instagram pages, you don’t need a page full of content to start. Share a few things you have on your mind, and let the content grow by answering questions from flow members.

Start monetizing your experiences

If you believe you are a creator and you're fond of sharing your thoughts/experience, please fill the form to get contacted by us ASAP.

Ex: I learned how to find my personal space while working from home!

Create as you go

You can skip the trouble of making Youtube videos or Instagram stories by only recording an audio clip whenever you think of something worth listening to by your audience. You share your current state of mind right when things occur to you and no more waiting for the perfect time to create that perfect, edited video.

Never answer frequent questions from your audience twice

You can add helpful Q&As to the related content so it can be discovered whenever someone listens to that content.