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Sheida from Flowjin Canada

🤩 Welcome to Flowjin



💁🏻‍♀️Hi this is Sheida from Flowjin! This Flow breaks down the strategy and tactics behind how to scale your impact by turning your knowledge into a flow of insightful audio posts on the go. I as a co-founder of Flowjin, want to share my personal experience on how I quit agency work and started earning +10K monthly revenue by creating a Flow (before launching Flowjin). I share weekly insights on how to be what I call a “knowledge entrepreneur” and how Flowjin helps you in between. 🎉 Who is this for? + You have specialized knowledge + You are approached to share your insight on a subject + You have thought of creating a course but don’t want to get trapped in production Request to be a creator on Flowjin: + Go to “Flows” tab + Send us a request by tapping on “Become a creator” from top left + We will review your application and send you an access to create a Flow on your email


In this Flow we love to be deeply connected to you, our beta users! We’d like to know more about you, what brought you here and tell us about your …...

What is Flowjin?

Flowjin is where you can pick first-hand insights from experienced people who we call “knowledge ent