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💁🏻‍♀️Hi we are Shahrzad and Sheida, co-founders of Flowjin we want to build Flowjin here with you guys. Talk about our learnings, challenges and stories along the way.

Our story

Shahrzad and Sheida talked about:- their backstory- silly ideas they built before flowjin- what the heck this flow is about🤪Did you like this post? j… ...

Creator economy boom: Why it’s so hot in 2021?

- who are creators?- how people like Dickie Bush are making thousands of dollars with their 10k followers on Twitter?- Why we don’t need to be a famo… ...

Sheida challenges Shahrzad 🦹🏻‍♀️ why people should pay to a flow on Flowjin?

We were starting our workday by watching Lenny Rachitsky talking about a framework for growth for startups. he is a famous writer on Substack and ear… ...