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My entrepreneurial journal 📝



I share weekly lessons I learn while building my startup, Flowjin.

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Day 82: Why I hate cold emails + how to build relationships instead

Cold emailing is like saying : “I don’t give a sh*t about you. I just want to talk and not listen to you”.So I’m replacing it with “sending warm mess… ...

Day 97: The myth about startups launch day

You can watch the mini video from Elon Musk that I played at the beginning of the post here👇🏻 (click on the post box and you’ll see the hyperlinks ar… ...

Day 105: How to market a product there’s no established market for!

Day 109: 3 hard lessons I learned within 90 days of launch

- language barrier- sales to conversion interval- strategist vs. executive mindset

Day 133: Advice from an experienced founder: The only thing early-stage founders should focus on

A few days ago, I got an advice from a wise 3x founder whom I met from a TO entrepreneurs community.He gave me a clear picture of what I really shoul… ...